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Praise for Finish Your Song!

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I downloaded your Finish Your Song! book and decided to test drive it immediately. I chose to use your “Write 1000 Words” technique to help me finish a new song that I’ve been struggling with for a few weeks. What a great technique! You were right when you warned that writing 1000 words would be a bit of a stretch. It was! But it was totally worth it! I finished the song and, just like you said in the book, I created a lot of new phrases and titles for future songs out of that one exercise! Thanks so much for writing such a practical, cut-to-the-chase book!

— Kate Schutt,
singer-songwriter, Grand Prize Winner in the Jazz Category of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition (2007) and ASCAP Plus Awards for Jazz (2006 through 2009)

I think the course and the materials are both really helpful. I have absolutely started applying your concepts to my writing, and I do see a definite improvement. Your blog is also extremely informative, and I look forward to seeing it in my email everyday.  You give straightforward practical advice, which is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for the guidance and encouragement! Susan Simonson 

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Praise for Cut/able: Lessons in Market-Smart Songwriting

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“Wow!  What a great, practical book about songwriting for the real world.  Read it and, most importantly, work your way through the exercises and you will learn invaluable lessons about your own writing and what you need to do to take it to the next level.  Highly recommended.”

— Kate Schutt, singer-songwriter, Grand Prize Winner in the Jazz Category of the John Lennon Songwriting Competition (2007) and ASCAP Plus Awards for Jazz (2006 through 2009)


“Cut/able is filled with real insights into the songs being cut today by someone who is actively getting those cuts himself. It goes beyond broad advice into very specific, actionable detail on how to write songs that are far more likely to get cut in today’s market and how to find the artists most likely to cut them. Brent reveals some really common mistakes songwriters make that kill your chances of getting a cut and processes you can use that multiply your chances that your songs will find a home. Cut/able is a must-read for songwriters who are serious about getting cuts.”

— Andrew Cavanagh

“Loved ‘Cut/able’ Brent. This is essential material for the aspiring commercial songwriters. Fantastic work.”

— Doug Folkins

“Cut/able is well worth the money. It gives great insight towards pro songwriting. It opened my eyes up to things I had not thought of before. It has definitely elevated my songwriting. It is a resource I will be coming back to often. Thank you Brent for your straight forward, honest disclosure of what it takes to be a pro songwriter.”

–BK Goodwin

“Thanks so much for spending the time to help others learn the songwriting craft. Cut/able is my go-to guide that lays out a strategy for writing a hit song. Thanks for writing it and sharing it with us.”

–Lori Burgess

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6 thoughts on “Store”

  1. Just bought the 20 ways to finish your songs 🙂 Can’t wait to read it today so I can get some lyrics in order and songs done for when I am brave enough to do a mentor session with you.

    1. Awesome- thanks, Matt! I hope it serves you well. I appreciate how active you’ve been on MvR, and I look forward to hanging with you sometime. (And I have yet to make anyone cry in a coaching session.)

  2. Hello!

    You probably don’t remember me…Imet with you a couple of years back when you were mentoring at NSAI and would love to set up a one to one meeting with you if you have availability April 8th -10th. I have ordered the archived blogs and some of the ebook offerings and thought you had some very useful information. Not sure if you are doing coaching sessions currently, but if yiu are, I would love to play you a few tunes and get your feedback regarding where you think I am…craftwise…and any suggestions you have to making this lifelong dream a reality! Marialaina 🙂

    1. Hi, Marialaina! Thanks for meeting with me way back when and for getting the ebooks recently! I appreciate it, and I’m glad they’ve been helpful.

      I don’t do much mentoring these days, but when I open up a couple slots, they’ll be posted under the “Coaching” tab on this site. I usually also put the word out on social media. As far as April, I’m not sure… my sister and her family are supposed to be in town…

  3. Hey Brent! I just finished reading your book “HIT Songwriting…”! Excellent stuff my man! I realize now I have made quite a few of the mistakes in your book! I’m a work in progress!

    Now I wanna get Cutable! There was a link in the book to it, but it does not work! How can I purchase a copy? It’s not on Amazon…

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