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I’ve been there, believe me.  I’ve been sitting at home, working on a song and wondering what pro songwriters were thinking that I wasn’t.  I’ve listened to new, great songs on the radio and wanted so badly to be one of those writers that it made me want to scream in my car (and sometimes I did).  I didn’t want to just be someone who wrote songs now and then.  I wanted to be the best I could be.  I wanted to be a PRO songwriter.

I’ve learned an important lesson since those days: being a pro doesn’t start with getting your first cut, your first hit, or your first publishing deal.  Being a pro begins with having a pro’s work ethic and mindset.  Turning pro is a choice ANYONE can make- a choice YOU can make… TODAY.  Seriously, I’m just a guy from Arkansas.  I’m nothing special.  I just started thinking like a pro, and that made all the difference.

In this FREE ebook, I share many of the mindsets that have helped me get cuts by Alan Jackson (the top 5 hit “Monday Morning Church”), Lady Antebellum, Randy Travis, Joe Nichols, Gord Bamford (the #1 Canadian single and Single of the Year, “When Your Lips Are So Close”), and more.  Songwriting is a tough business, and I want to help you turn pro.  Are you serious about your songwriting?  Sign up, get the free download, and start thinking like a pro songwriter today!

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