Coach Writing Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for a Coach Writing session:

  1. Cowriting with a pro songwriter is NOT a magic bullet that guarantees the song will be published or get recorded by an artist.
  2. Consider Coach Writing an EDUCATIONAL opportunity- a chance to “learn by doing.”  Yes, I’ll do my best to write the best song possible in our time together.  But my main job is to teach you how the pros think about songwriting.  I don’t want to just give you a fish- I want to teach you HOW to fish.
  3. The Coach Write will be conducted over the phone, Skype, Google Hangout, or Zoom.  It’s your choice.  You’ll choose one when you book the session.  The booking software will also ask you for your phone number if you choose to meet by phone, your Skype name if you choose to meet over Skype, etc.
  4. Since all Coach Writing is conducted online or by phone, you can live anywhere in the world and still write with me.
  5. Bring at least three song ideas.  We’ll discuss them, then choose one to write.
  6. If you suggest an idea that we don’t write, you still own that idea.  You’re free to write it with someone else.
  7. We may not finish the whole song in one two-hour session.  You can either purchase another session or finish it on your own.
  8. I only write lyrics.  You or another cowriter will be responsible for melody.
  9. It’s okay if we just work on writing a lyric.
  10. You can include another cowriter in our session, or in the future, outside of our session. It’s your song.
  11. If you decide to demo the song, I am not liable or responsible for any costs associated with that demo.
  12. You don’t need my permission to demo the song.
  13. At the end of the session, I’ll decide if I want cowriter credit.  If I do NOT want cowriting credit, you can still use all of my contributions- but you won’t list me as a cowriter.
  14. If I LOVE the song we get, I will ask (and receive) cowriter credit and privileges.  My share of cowriting/publishing will be 50% if there are two writers, 33.34% if there are three writers, etc.  In other words, we’ll each get equal credit.  The session cost won’t be refunded, but I’ll work on it for free afterwards, just like with any of my regular pro cowriters.  I’ll also (possibly) sign MY half of the publishing to a music publisher and/or demo the song.  I won’t demo the song without your permission.
  15. Do NOT expect me to request cowriter credit.  The bar for this is very high, and it will only happen on rare occasions.  If I don’t take cowriter credit, it doesn’t mean that it’s a bad song.  It may be a very good song.  However, I only want to add my name to GREAT songs.
  16. I love writing songs.  I love cowriting.  It’s fun!  Therefore, be prepared to have fun- and work hard!

Ready to book a Coach Writing or Coaching session?  You can do that below.  I look forward to working with you!

God bless,


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