Wordplay Thursday #201

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Here’s a line to get you started. Feel free to use it to start off YOUR song, then go back and change this original line up a little bit. After all, other people will be using this one, too!

“There it is, hanging there…

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

Wordplay Thursday is a fun way to generate new song ideas- and who doesn’t need more song ideas?  If you’d like MORE “creative kickstarters,” join the Frettie.com community today!  In our private Facebook group, I share a handful of creative kickstarters every week.  Plus, there’s plenty more cool stuff for Frettie members!


God Bless and Enjoy the Journey,


5 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #201”

  1. “There it is, hanging there”
    By a thread tangled with fear
    I put my heart upon that line
    And it gets ripped down every time

    But I know you’re just around the bend
    a memory or forgotten friend
    Or maybe I just misunderstood
    Can’t hide the truth though I know I should

    —Annnnd I’m spent. This is pretty neat though.

  2. There it is, hanging there
    The pictures of ,when we use to be together
    And I know that you have moved on but don’t want to see me again
    it’s just been a year which feels like forever

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