Wordplay Thursday #197

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Here’s a line to get you started. Feel free to use it to start off YOUR song, then go back and change the original line up a little bit. After all, other people will be using this one, too!

“There’s a memory making coffee in the kitchen…

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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10 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #197”

  1. Bitter Memory

    There’s a memory making coffee in the kitchen.
    There’s a common thread standing on common grounds.
    There’s a jammed backdoor that tried to slow you down.
    And there goes the steam I thought you’d blown off as you stomp out.

    Gently pour it in, then simply pour it all out.
    The grounds seep in. Our love’s stuck, burnt on bottom now.
    You were my best friend. The finest flavor we had no doubt.
    But in that kitchen, there’s a bitter memory goin’ down.

    A spoon for stirring your sweet mess is left on the floor.
    A splash of our foul mouths is what we’ll take.
    A cup of the good times is what I wanna’ drink up.
    And it’s all going to pot that I throw and I break.


    We can make the same routine each day if you like.
    We can make up and agree we’re different, but same.
    We can swallow the bitter taste of victory in being right.
    And we can leave the hot to touch topics to cool and blame.

    (CHORUS to end)

  2. I’ll Love You Better As A Memory

    As much as I love our coffee talk in the morning
    and wishing each other ‘have a great day’
    There’s somethin’ inside me stirrin’ up trouble
    and I know it’s gonna kill ya to hear me say


    I’ll love you better as a memory
    I think I need a little space
    I don’t know else I can put it
    I’m between a rock and a hard place
    I’m glad to finally got this off my chest
    Guess our love has reached its shelf-life
    On my honey-do list for today
    I’ll mark an ‘x’ beside ‘wife’

    Now my coffee’s gettin’ a little cold
    and my bacon’s gettin’ burned
    It ain’t as funny as it used to be
    the breakfast table’s gettin’ turned

    It’s best to keep a little distance now
    Find ourselves some breathing room
    I’m gonna go and load up my truck
    and reminisce about this bride and groom


  3. You could be a memory making coffee in the kitchen.
    For me.
    Should I speak up or be cool and play wait and see?
    I’m waiting on your couch tiny bit nervous about.
    What I’m thinking ’bout you and what you feel about me.

    I’m thinking about the fun we just had.
    Remembering dinner and the wine, you sure loved that.
    Dancing under the stars and with candle light.
    You invited me for coffee and it sure feels right.

    There’s a memory making coffee in the kitchen.
    Unless I tell you how I feel and what I’m thinking.
    Don’t want to rush this cup or otherwise mess this one up.

    Don’t wanna make you a memory making coffee in the kitchen.
    For me.

  4. ‘Reminds Me Of Good Lies’

    1st verse.
    -There’s a memory making coffee in the kitchen and lookin’ out a foggy window ‘cross the lake.
    -My chilled fingers on the glass remind me the water’s cold and how hot you were, wrappin’ me up with, “Mornin’ Babe”.
    -The fryin’ pan’s a beggin’ for some thick bacon. I’m beggin’ ya’ for that tiny swimsuit that came untied.
    -Our mutt’s so happy he’s chasin’ his tail for somethin’ good. We’re all so hungry, we skipped breakfast for a boat ride.

    2nd verse.
    -There comes a big ole bunch of sunshine, and a bigger bunch of bummy friends to bum a ride.
    -My good senses kicked in like momma’s hymnal stompin’ foot. And I told ’em all an even bigger lie.
    -I said the boat was low on gas and the engine tends to sputter. There’s a rain on the radar comin’ ‘cross state.
    -But we both knew better, so we’ll keep it all under our cover. And what happens on the lake stays on the lake.

    •Remember that good, good stuff and that good, good love.
    •And good God almighty, and it’s all come true.
    •Remember that when in love, and in good God’s name we trust,
    •a little good lie understood works good too.

    3rd verse
    -There’s nothin’ like makin’ a memory with the one ya’ love. And then tryin’ to wash your soul clean when the water’s right.
    -God understands me and my love. And how it never hurts, to not hurt one by tellin’ lies.

    •Remember that good, good stuff and that good, good love.
    •And good God almighty, and it’s all come true.
    •Remember that when in love, and in good God’s name we trust,
    •a little good lie understood works good too.

    ……….There’s a memory God’s a makin’ in my coffee.

  5. Oh, Brent, I can’t resist!!

    There’s a rifle out back smoking cigarettes….btw, I just love that song!!! Bird and the Rifle!!

    Okay, in fairness, here’s a real stab at it

    There’s a memory making coffee in the kitchen
    While cinnamon sugar bakes in the air
    I close my eyes just for a minute
    I can still see you standing there

    You’re so close I can feel you surround me
    Crazy, cause we both know you’re not here
    I’ll never understand why you had to leave
    My heart will do anything to keep you near

  6. There’s a memory making coffee in the kitchen
    Through that first cup you’ll be on my mind
    All the while, your heart and soul I’ll be missing
    The aroma now grounded by time…

  7. There’s a memory making coffee, how she found me I don’t know
    I was down and out ,anchored on our city skid row
    Another stumbling night and a thin arm grabbed me
    I heard a voice , but wine blind couldn’t see
    Remember a car and a trip .. must have been a few days ago

    As I lift my head from a familiar kitchen table
    She stands there ready, willing … and unlike me .. able
    Happy to see me , cooking …wanting to please
    If I had the strength would have gone down on my knees
    Thanking God for this angel with blue eyes and blond hair
    Never again will anger own me, I’m going nowhere

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