Wordplay Thursday #194

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Here’s a line to get you started. Feel free to use it to start off YOUR song, then go back and change the original line up a little bit. After all, other people will be using this one, too!

“All’s fair in love and leaving…”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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2 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #194”

  1. Thursday Challenge

    All’s fair in love and breaking hearts.
    Cause you never know how things end when they start.
    You and me we tried so hard.
    But Cupid was wrong so we’re breaking hearts.

    We tried so hard to make things right.
    It’s not your fault or mine.
    We can dig through the past or move on and find in time.
    Nothing was unfair. It’s love sometimes floats away in the air

    Breaking hearts might not seem fair.
    But from time to time we end up there.
    We fall in love and get in line.
    Because breaking hearts comes next in time.

    We fall in love and get in line.
    Because breaking hearts comes next in time.

  2. ‘Sucker Got Punched’

    -All’s fair in love and leaving.
    -She threw a southpaw, double-shotted hook of what you’re needing.
    -Knocked down like a chump, but not out for the count.
    -You wanna win her back, but you’re on threadbare ropes now.
    -A bruised, hard head, and a few old salty wounds bleeding.
    -A selfish heart broken, but man, it’s still beating.
    -Swollen, teary eyes, ’cause with her you weren’t flirtin’.
    -She caught ya’ cheatin’, rang your bell and put on a to-the-curb hurtin’.
    -She’s a natural prized fighter. Her daddy taught her how.
    -Raised by a pack of scrappy brothers now that Daddy’s in the pound.
    -A junkyard dog. She’ll win a ring and title when it’s over.
    -You, a lightweight barely breathing and one shot from long gone sober.
    -In this corner, the ego of a dazed and punch drunk man.
    -In a ringside seat, your wise bartender here with a plan.
    -When reality’s drink dings for Round 2, take your courage and sit back down.
    -If she’s a woman lovin’ and leavin’, it’s fair to throw in the towel.

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