Wordplay Thursday #193

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Here’s a line to get you started. Feel free to use it to start off YOUR song, then go back and change the original line up a little bit. After all, other people will be using this one, too!

“I’m picking up a new old habit…”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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5 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #193”

  1. I’m picking up a new old habit
    It’s wrong, but I’ll do it right
    I’m longing for that short drink
    Today or tonight…
    Yes, I’m picking up what I dropped
    I’m blinded by the sight
    I’m still weak for a strong one
    Today or tonight…

  2. I’m picking up an old, new habit
    like the note that fell out of my last years jacket
    It said I love you, with a lipstick kiss
    What was lost in that pocket, is everything I’ve missed

    I hung up that old jacket at least a year ago
    I told you goodbye and hung up the phone
    went cold turkey with my habit of you
    I want to jump off this wagon and make my old habit new

  3. “I’m Picking Up A Good Bad Habit”
    Written by Robert Lloyd (6-22-17)

    (Verse 1)
    I’m picking up a good bad habit…
    B A E
    Maybe it’s new, but seems I’ve always had it…
    Like a big old hook and my heart will nab it…
    B D A E
    Again, I’m picking up a good bad habit…

    Everyone knows now I’ve got the fix…
    Really never goes away, I’m chomping at the bit…
    Someone should have warned me, it comes back real quick
    I could have run… instead I’m up the creek. (as in hick)

    I’m picking up a good bad habit…
    B D A E
    Someone please help me… now she’s back again…
    Same ‘ole thing, seems I gotta keep at it…
    B D A E
    Loving her, is like a good bad habit…

    (Verse 3)
    Won’t stand in line and won’t take my turn…
    Just the thought of her cause my soul to yearn…
    When it comes to her I never live and learn…
    Just the thought of her, my heart starts to burn…

    (Repeat bridge, chorus and out)

  4. Im picking up an old new habit
    Aint gonna be much of good jagged
    We unless see the mixed in baggage
    Cuz solely, we strive as a package

    Love me as we are, feel you nigh so far
    Leave me all you want, stay, we light us jaunt

    Im taking on a new old habit
    She singing to me sweetly placid
    I minded her our peaceful sapid
    Cuz duet find ties, Amen added


  5. ‘Hay Days’

    -I’m picking up a new old habit,
    from the dashboard of my Ford.
    -Cuttin’ in and out with life changes & static.
    I got an empty ashtray now thanks to the Lord.
    -My heart fragile like that glass bottle on the floor, but it’s something I can’t break.
    -Window down, I fling that bottle to the ditch and keep it clean in here just in case.

    -That’s my little long gone DJ,
    ridin’ the airways ‘cross the sky.
    -Tuned in to the center of my world,
    straight from Heaven where she & I tried,
    -to listen to the sweet sounds,
    and writin’ our love songs ’til we dropped.
    -She had bigger dreams to chase than me,
    and a up career at the top.
    -That’s my little long gone DJ,
    a new old habit I can’t stop.

    -I’m picking up a little more and more,
    of those old songs by George Strait.
    -The static drives me outta’ my head.
    Does Fort Worth cross her mind that way?
    -From out behind a hay bale up in Arkansas,
    up into the cab of this Texan’s truck.
    -Hay Day memories keep me turned on.
    Her voice between drives me on to try my luck.


    -I’m picking up good vibes,
    ’cause those songs now sound so clear.
    -Ten miles outside of Little Rock,
    will she be glad that I’m here?
    -We could play ’round this town again,
    roll ’round in old Hay Days.
    -Could we be more than old love songs,
    now that she’s my DJ?

    (Chorus to end)

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