Wordplay Thursday #187

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Today, we’re going to try something a little different for your writing prompt- something called “NEW WINDOWS.”

Songwriters are always trying to describe an old room through a new window. For example, we all try to find a fresh, compelling way to tell a love story- or a heartbreak story. That fresh perspective is the “new window.”

For example, you might describe the “old room” of a love story through the “new window” of the guy’s dog.

The dog used to go camping with him every weekend- and loved it. Now the dog watches him shave, leave the house, and smells perfume on him when he gets home. Eventually, the dog watches her move in with him. How does that change things for our four-legged friend? One day they bring home a little baby who, before you know it, is crawling up to the dog and tugging his ears.

That’s a new window into an old room.

Today, try writing a love song through the window of an…


I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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8 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #187”

  1. Looking for a Stinson Girl

    Karen was a fighter she scared me to death.
    Took me so high that I couldn’t breath.
    I has to eject just to save my life.
    Not the kinda girl to make a wife.

    Then Julie was the liner that liked to cruise.
    Never felt bump and lots if time to snooze.
    And she was looking for a lover in business class.
    So I was glad to get bumped when it didn’t last.

    So I’m looking for a lover like a Stinson
    Feel the wind in my face and then some
    That will take a rough landing on a grassy field
    But open me up to the way she feels.

  2. Eastbound on a red eye flight
    Homeward bound that night
    Job was done and money made
    Just so my ex could get paid.
    Her glance caught me by suprise
    Lord, those dark brown eyes
    Half awake and half sleep
    Was she real or just a dream?

    Was she real or just a dream
    Is it ever what it seems
    I’ll forever search the skies
    Hoping to find, those friendly eyes.

    Guess I was still out of it
    Could no longer sit
    Stood up just to stretch a few
    There she was all dressed in blue
    Now standing eye to eye
    Both embarassed by
    Stepped aside, while she squeezed through
    But her smile told me the truth.

    She was real and not a dream
    We were thinking the same thing
    Another flight in another time
    Hoping to find, those friendly eyes.

    No matter where I’ve been
    I”ve never seen her again
    But I remember when…

  3. -More of a heart’s wedding sales pitch, via super sonic plane. -LOL🙃

    Old window = single and wandering
    New window = the life and power of the two together.

    ‘It’s Gonna’ Be Good For Grace’

    Ever thought of gettin’ away?
    Jet trails on gray are hard to trace.
    A blue sky’s what we’d make.
    If only you’d say ya’ could.
    Kiss me once and kiss it all goodbye.
    Buy a ticket ‘cross paradise.
    It’s a smoother flight when souls collide.
    Like an arrow through a heart feels good.

    This is gonna’ be good Grace.
    I can feel it in my bones.
    My heart ain’t lead me wrong.
    This is gonna’ be good Grace.
    You and me can build this home.
    We can’t land this thing alone.
    Let the love light shine down on our neighborhood
    Let the night fall with nothing
    This is gonna’ be good.

    So grab the Captain’s hand today.
    Fly up front and help navigate.
    No bleeding heart’s left for baggage claim.
    If only you’d say sounds good.
    These wings of gold will make a band for you.
    A compass needle in a storm or two.
    Love’s alimeter reads so true.
    Where dark clouds and nights once stood.


    Heart’s last call at the gate.
    Cut in line and don’t be late.
    A May Day by saving Grace
    If only you’d say you would.
    Should we ever be crashin’ down.
    These wings of love will be wrapped around.
    Crash on me safe and sound.
    Fly through broken heart’s black hood.

    (Chorus to end)

  4. Very dark…very cloudy…a low ominous rumble of thunder… punctuated with a bright flash of lightening…sending a burst of angry tears smashing against my tiny window…I still can hear your voice ringing in my ears…uncontrollable, shaking, hysterical…I wasn’t there…the loss of our son..& now left with nothing…but the unbearable thought of losing you…my mind & body racing…lost…panic…tossed violently…jerking,…shaking feeling the wrath of Mother Nature’s over whelming anger…

  5. I stare out silent windows
    The plane slowly pulls away
    She never looked back once for me
    As the sky took her away.

    She said she’d come back soon someday
    I knew it was a lie
    Her face fades slowly into blue
    I turn my head to cry.

    Of all the things I know are true
    It was the sadness in her eyes
    That said she wasn’t coming back
    When she left me for the sky….

  6. Hi. This is a lyric about (physical) love through the metaphor of fighting wolves. Title image is ‘borrowed’ from my favorite French poet, Francois Villon.

    It has some violent verbs and images and they are meant metaphorically, but do they read that way, or not? Not very commercial text per se, but, perhaps, a singer-songwriter’s choice?

    Like Wolves in the Wind

    We live hard, like wolves in the wind.
    We stop and start, we break apart,
    We kiss and make up in the rain,
    A wet and dark embrace.

    We watch the stars fall in the night.
    We’re seeking warmth and stay till light,
    Entwined in mysteries and flights,
    And odd delights we share.

    You come at me and stab my heart.
    I hit you hard and grab and bite,
    And in the middle of the fight our souls
    Collide, and fuse – and die.

    We die with every breath and soar up high.
    We’re born again and we survive
    The pleasure and the pain and drive
    Till we’re both aflame.

    And then we sleep the sleep that’s
    Worth the pain, and every breath is worth
    The sweat, the drain; we’re innocents
    Born in the dawn of modern man.


    The morning world is bright and loud.
    You don’t recognize me, I have doubts.
    I wash my hair clean and walk downstairs.
    The kids are having breakfast.

    You smile and I return your smile.
    I grab my case and leave in haste.
    Can’t wait to make the daily bread we take
    And go back to our time again and
    Live like wolves in the wind.

    Live like wolves in the wind.
    Live like wolves in the wind.

    J Jackson Lucas 2017

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