Wordplay Thursday #186

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Today, we’re going to try something a little different for your writing prompt- something called “NEW WINDOWS.”

Songwriters are always trying to describe an old room through a new window. For example, we all try to find a fresh, compelling way to tell a love story- or a heartbreak story. That fresh perspective is the “new window.”

For example, you might describe the “old room” of a love story through the “new window” of the guy’s dog.

The dog used to go camping with him every weekend- and loved it. Now the dog watches him shave, leave the house, and smells perfume on him when he gets home. Eventually, the dog watches her move in with him. How does that change things for our four-legged friend? One day they bring home a little baby who, before you know it, is crawling up to the dog and tugging his ears.

That’s a new window into an old room.

Today, try writing a love song through the window of a…


I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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4 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #186”

  1. An inner storm love song I guess you could say here Brent. Old window = the addictive personality of the drunk. New Window = the brand new man, now on the right track. Not a lot of imagery here in my opinion, but still in the works. The guy’s addicted, but at least he’s now addicted to something better. Just a storm that was brewin’ in my writing box, and your term paper (LOL) request here made me go pull it out. Thanks for the challenge! I enjoyed it!

    ‘Lucky Just To Know Her’

    -I ain’t nothin’, but a walkin’ hangover.
    -Damn near died once or twice, but still gettin’ older.
    -She’s a pretty lil’ preacher’s daughter and a holy roller.
    -Carries her Bible with her, ’cause her daddy told her.
    I met her at Redemption and Easy streets
    I was talkin’ with the devil when she passed by, smilin’ at me.

    We’re like brimstone and fire, meets the voice of an angel choir.
    Like a storm pourin’ rain, that the sunshine drives away.
    I never had a shot at Heaven, ’cause the whisky shots took over.
    Now I’m drunk on her love from up above when I hold her.
    I’m lucky just to know her.

    -I ain’t sayin’ a word, but she’s takin’ over.
    -Too bad for that lil’ devil who sits on my shoulder.
    -She’s an angel. I’m entangled when I hold her.
    -Thank God for the night that she had me over.
    She asked me, “Why ya’ drink your drink and fly so low?”
    She said, “I’d like to take ya’ higher boy, than you could ever go!”


    -I ain’t looked back for two Octobers.
    -Our love’s stronger than the liquor, and we’re church-goers.
    -She’s my religion, my addiction. That’s what I told her.
    -But I’d sin and repent again justa’ get to know her.

    (Chorus to end)

  2. When the winds from hell come blowing at my door
    And the rain and flying branches add that little bit more
    I sit here in my old weathered shack
    Out here well passed what they call the outback
    Aging barnside- wood, some older than surrounding trees
    Friends say it reminds them of me
    We’ve seen worse before, and may well again
    Our hide has toughened , tells a tale of where we’ been
    You can keep your high priced condo by the see
    Out here, woodened and wisened is where you’ll find me..
    …thought I’d use the word ..”storm “..but not a love story

  3. Storm – Old Window
    He comes home in a drunken rage….he tries to make her feel like she is the reason he needs to get drunk….nothing she does is good enough, clean enough, cooked enough, pretty enough, sexy enough and as he swings the back of his hand to her face she gets a whiff of cheap perfume….as he falls onto the couch in a stupor and passes out…
    She gets a bag of frozen peas from the freezer and places it on her cheek. As she grabs her keys, she moves the burning candle from the dinner table where, the meal for two remains untouched, closer to the kitchen curtains . She lets the door slam on her way out, fanning the flame and igniting her own fire storm…..

  4. This one is a work in progress. Added an extra beat in the 2nd half and will do a key change from minor to major. No melody yet, so am open to ideas.

    It started, innocently enough, as a love song, but when my muse realized that it has nothing much to add to the worn out cliche/metaphor, it took a sharp left turn and disappeared in the distance. This is what I got when I finally caught up with her.

    Anyone who has ever woken up asking, Where am I? and How did I get here? after a night of heavy drinking, only to be met with the fierce look of her/his boy/girlfriend, will hopefully relate… the rest of you are very lucky indeed!

    Key to Your Heart
    /Limehouse Blues changes/

    I lost the key to your heart
    You gave me a while ago.
    You said nothing will break us apart,
    I said I was taking, said I was taking it slow.

    Did you ask for it back?
    Did I misplace it somehow?
    Wore it around my neck,
    And proudly showed, showed it around.

    I said I was taking it slow,
    Slipped it back in my pocket.
    Where the hell did it go?
    I didn’t pawn, didn’t pawn or hawk it.

    I know a much better guy than me is not hard to find.
    Who’ll always be there for you and love you blind.
    Nice is overrated today, and pretty is not your kind.
    Don’t let me lose my mind, I know I’m out of line.

    I am gonna look for it everywhere.
    Maybe I dropped it down by the truck.
    Devil knows I still very much care
    On elbows and knees I’ll go down in the muck.

    And if the dog enjoyed it as much as a treat,
    When he played with it out in the blue,
    I’ll have to make sure next couple of days
    I follow around and check, and check on his .

    I’m sure I had it last night in my pocket
    When I fell off the stool at the bar.
    I had a few and when your brother arrived
    I was still able, was able to walk to his car.

    My mind’s a mess now, I don’t know how
    I fumbled and stumbled and lost your key.
    As soon as I have a few to get going,
    I’m gonna be much clutch, I guarantee.

    Chorus [Repeat]

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