Wordplay Thursday #181

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

I was up till midnight last night working on my taxes, so let’s run with that for this week’s writing prompt.  It’s not a fill in the blank this time… more of a brainstorm.  It’s silly, but it’s an exercise.

“Our love is like tax season or taxes.”  or  “Her/His love is like taxes or paying my taxes.”

I’ll give you some examples to get you started:

“It always catches me by surprise.”  “It left me exhausted, angry and glad it was over.”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

Wordplay Thursday is a fun way to generate new song ideas- and who doesn’t need more song ideas?  If you’d like an inside look at the techniques I use to find song idea after song idea- ideas that YOU can use, too- I have just thing for you!


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12 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #181”

  1. Loving her is like death and taxes…I always pay in the end.

    Your love is like a tax refund, I wanna do something stupid that we’ll never forget.

    Your body’s like a tax bill, it’s accumulating interest.

  2. Paying the government it’s part is costing us our love.
    I make more and more money for what she pushes, then give blood to satisfy what the tax bill shoves.
    The Taxman’s the one who creeps ‘roun our stuff and seems to whisper in her pretty little ear.
    To her it’s never any big deal, ’til April 15th each year.
    But I can see him comin’, and know enough about his ways to stay ahead.
    I’ll just give away all my stuff to charity and leave her nothing when I’m dead.

  3. -Waiting on those faxes so I can complete these taxes
    – Uncle Sam is gonna take it just as sure as I make it
    – April 15th, the day we donate our dollars
    – it seems gross, to only get to keep the net

  4. Loving you is like paying taxes
    There’s just no way around it.
    There’s so many rules, there’s no easy way
    If there is I sure haven’t found it
    If i should make just a little mistake
    There’s so much trouble in store
    And whatever money I give you,
    You just waste it and come back for more

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