Wordplay Thursday #168

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

“New Year’s Eve is __________.”

Here’s a writing prompt for you. It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank. You can use one word or several. Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want. The point is to get the creative juices flowing. And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you. Try coming up with at least five things- and try to get IMAGERY in at least one of your plays!

“New Year’s Eve is  ________.”

I’ll give you an example to get you started:

“New Year’s Eve is a midnight confetti kiss.”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

Wordplay Thursday is a fun way to generate new song ideas- and who doesn’t need more song ideas?  If you’d like an inside look at the techniques I use to find song idea after song idea- ideas that YOU can use, too- I have just thing for you!


God Bless and Enjoy the Journey,



5 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #168”

  1. …. joy, noise , drink ,food … and contemplation
    … contemplation
    … the start of unfulfilled promises
    … celebration for the young, memories for the old

  2. New Years Eve is…

    A sparkly dress and strappy high heels dancing the night away.

    Hearing the paper crinkle and unroll as you blow into the noise maker that sounds its horn at the end.

    Singing Auld Lang Syne even though you don’t know the words or what it means. (It’s a Scottish tune from the 1700’s that is about remembering old friends. I googled the story of how it became a tradition.)

    Relaxing at home with the people you love, contemplating the year that has passed and thinking about the year that is about to begin. (I’ll be doing this one.)

    Happy New Year Everyone!!
    Be Blessed!
    Be Safe!
    Blow your horn!
    Kiss Someone!

  3. ….the last chance to make it right,
    A dim hope in the dark night,
    The countdown from ten to one,
    A sneak peek of what’s to come.

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