Wordplay Thursday #155

Wordplay Thursday

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

“I feel as lucky as __________.”

Here’s a writing prompt for you. It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank. You can use one word or several. Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want. The point is to get the creative juices flowing. And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you. Try coming up with at least five things- and try to get IMAGERY in at least one of your plays!

“I feel as lucky as ________.”

I’ll give you an example to get you started:

“I feel as lucky as a man on his honeymoon.”

Wordplay Thursday

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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13 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #155”

  1. I feel as lucky as __________.

    – a Cajun with a dry floor, after this weeks record breaking downpour

    – a three time PowerBall, that had once been showering in public restroom stalls

    – a fisherman that always brought home a catch, and never lost a lure, being so Blessed doing something so unsure.

    – Luke Duke (If I need to explain how lucky them Duke boys were, you really need a Dukes of Hazzard marathon! 😉 Inspired by John Schneider’s emotional posts this week from being a flood victim in Louisiana and blown away at how they handle it and take care of each other first)

    – a child of God, as any man can be, knowing that someday my maker, I will blessed to meet.

  2. a one armed bandit paying off in triple cherries with every pull.

    a leprechaun looking over a 4 leaf clover with a pint in one hand & holding
    the winning ticket of the ” Irish Sweep stakes ” in the other.

    as the luckiest guy in the world by playing my cards right with you…I won more than money could ever buy…I WON YOUR HEART!

    as a Pinto horse…& just as fast…that ” Bull ” didn’t catch me dancing with his girl…

    as the son of a immigrant who taught me the old world ways of love, compassion, respect for other people & honesty …that has through out my life…given me more rewards that I could ever dream of…

  3. as lucky as one person can be…being the son of a hard working immigrant who was taught the old world ways of love, compassion, humility, honesty & respect for other people …in return…through out my life…has showered me with more rewards that I could ever dream of! ( I miss you papa! )

  4. I feel as lucky as__________.
    – a 17 year old, sliding into the worn leather seats of his “new” 2003 Mustang, turning that key to drive to the last day of the school year…
    – a golfer with his first hole in one.
    – an 18 year old opening a letter of acceptance from his favorite college
    – a rookie jockey who just crossed the finish line first, in his first Kentucky Derby.
    – a songwriter hearing his first cut on the radio, for the first time.

  5. “I feel as lucky as __________.”

    …a margarita in Jimmy Buffett’s hands
    …the front row of a sold-out show
    …the day I met you
    …luck would have it

  6. I feel as lucky as…

    A Black Bear with an invitation to a campground picnic.

    An undeserving soul getting a second chance.

  7. I feel as lucky as a cat in a tuna factory.
    I feel as lucky as a turkey, watching the sunrise the day after Thanksgiving
    I feel as lucky as a lotto winner.
    I feel as lucky as a songwriter trapped in an elevator with George Strait
    I feel as unlucky as George Strait trapped in an elevator with an aspiring songwriter

  8. I feel as lucky as…

    …a lottery player on payday.

    …a child of wealthy parents on Christmas morning.

    …a sinner meeting Jesus.

    …a hooked bass when the fishline snapped.

    …the house a tornado passed by.

  9. I feel as lucky as
    A blind man in the middle of a black cat marathon No friend’s helping hand to depend upon

    That ole’ dingy copper penny. Stepped on and over by so many

  10. I feel as lucky as a
    -cab driver on New Years Eve!

    -winning numbers on the back of a fortune cookie note

    -some cheap beads on bourbon street during Mardi Gras

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