Wordplay Thursday #154

Wordplay Thursday

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

“My heart’s as broken as __________.”

Here’s a writing prompt for you. It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank. You can use one word or several. Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want. The point is to get the creative juices flowing. And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you. Try coming up with at least five things- and try to get IMAGERY in at least one of your plays!

“My heart’s as broken as ________.”

I’ll give you an example to get you started:

“My heart’s as broken as a politician’s promise.”

Wordplay Thursday

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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28 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #154”

  1. “My heart’s as broken as ________.”
    -a two dollar toy.
    -the lazy boy’s legs when told to get out and mow.
    -an old mule’s back.
    -a shattered dream.
    -a dropped antique vase.
    -the memory of the love that left it.

  2. My heart’s as broken as __________

    – the internet right as you are getting to a good part in a streaming event
    – the windshield of a Honda Civic after hitting a deer on the highway
    – an empty whiskey bottle dropped on a ceramic tile floor (not a true story)
    – That French gymast’s left leg upon landing from the vault in the Rio olympics
    – a political system that allows lawmakers to vote yes to borrow more from China to keep the country running and also vote yes to give themselves a pay increase.

  3. My heart’s as broken as:
    a watermelon bounced out of a pickup truck.
    the lamp you threw at my head.
    your wedding vows.
    a boxer’s nose.
    a butterfly’s wing in a wind storm.
    teeth chewing gravel.

  4. My heart’s as broken as…….

    thrown vinyl records, after failing to have a record year as Eric did.

    a spirit who discovers he’s out of drinkable spirits.

    a buckin’ bronc who still has a cowboy on it’s back.

    as the English of some of my backwoods family, while they describe how the tornado came through town.

    the communication between a drunk’s thoughts and actions.

  5. (taken as a whole)
    my heart’s as broken as:
    a tree in a hurricane
    a drought after the rain, or
    a gambler who didn’t know when to fold
    hoppin’ a getaway train…

  6. as that old bar stool…that ragged old man is sitting on…talking to no one…reliving his glory days as a fighter…that are now…just distant memories…

    as the cracked glass in the frame of our wedding picture…knowing all too well…it’s over…

    as the dream I had last night…running to you as fast as I can…calling out your name in the bright early morning sun…just to see you slowly disappear in the distance…as a silhouette….waving & softly whispering goodbye…

    as this old gold Chevy of mine….that’s been buried for years & forgotten about…under a big pile of bush…also buried there are the dreams of my youth…along with with all those nights that my high school sweetheart & me…waiting in line at the drive in….snuggled closely together in this old gold Chevy of mine…with Elton John quietly playing on the radio.

    as broken as can be…knowing for a fact …never in a million years…will she ever want me…

  7. My heart’s as broken as…….

    The promises you made

    Your love was just a token

    The sky from the lightning

  8. My heart’s as broken as…….
    a fiddle’s string
    a shattered windshield
    a sixty-year-old reflecting back on their high school flame

  9. as….

    — second place in a two man race
    — a failed new business owner
    — first date — last date
    — hurtful words I can’t take back
    — a publisher non-reply
    — broken guitar strings on your first important gig
    — ……. the regrets that caused it
    — the rust they call experience

  10. My heart’s as broken as…

    …Daddy’s old rundown tractor.

    …my fleeting youthful dreams.

    …the promises of my Army recruiter.

    …schizophrenic brother’s mind.

    …the chaff in the wind.

    (This one was a lot tougher than I thought it would be.)

  11. My heart’s as broken……..

    as the rusty brown, brittle fragments of my granddad’s ’55 Ford floorboard, that gather into small piles just before they’re ground into dust beneath my feet.

    as the weather-beaten, dangling shutters on an old South Carolina plantation home, that the family had to sell in hard times.

    the back leg of the pew where I sat each time the doors were open, in a now vacated and forgotten church.

  12. My heart’s as broken as an icecap in the 21st century.
    My heart’s as broken as a guitar after a Nirvana concert.
    My heart’s as broken as windshield at a home run derby.
    My heart’s as broken as a picture frame at a divorce party.
    My heart’s as broken as chord played one note at a time.
    My heart’s as broken as pocketwatch in a black hole.
    My heart’s as broken as the sound barrier when I flip on my nitro.
    My heart’s as broken as a big toe when the kickball gets swapped with the bowling ball.

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