Platinum Wisdom From Music Publishers

Music publishers (the best ones, anyway), do more than just pitch your songs and get you in the room with artists. 

The best publishers are also interested in helping songwriters grow in the craft and business of songwriting.  They’ll give you advice on your songwriting and feedback on your songs.

I’ve been blessed to receive several of these “platinum nuggets” over the years, and I thought I’d share a few with you.  Hopefully, they’ll help you on YOUR songwriting journey!

“Some songwriters get so concerned with what radio will or won’t play that they knock all the cool stuff off their songs while they’re still in the writing room.  Don’t worry about radio while you’re writing- write the best song you can and let ME worry about radio.  If you go too far, I can always reign you in.  But I can’t do much to help you if you’ve already gotten rid of all the cool stuff before I hear it.”

“What I love about this batch of songs is that there are so many places we can go with them- so many artists we can play them for!”

“This first verse tells me how you feel, but I’m floating around with nothing to hang on to.  Give me a few images in that verse.”

“You’re describing the truck (the song’s idea/situation) from the outside… you need to describe it from inside the cab.” (for more on this, READ HERE.)

“Even as a country songwriter – especially as a country songwriter- you need to listen and know what’s going on in pop music.  ‘Cuz that’s what’s going to be influencing this market in a year or two.”

“Don’t ever sing a demo, Brent.  Like… ever.”  (Kidding.  That was always so obvious that it went without saying.)

“How are we doing well these days when it’s all about who’s in what camp?  We’re making our own camps.  We’re signing artists.  We’re signing producers.  We’re signing young artists and getting them record deals.”

Nuggets like these (and many others) have been so helpful to me over the years.  Not only have there been nuggets of correction and challenge and insight, there have been many times a publisher just plain loved a song just when I needed the encouragement.

What about you?  Have you received some platinum nuggets from a publisher?  I’d love for you to share them in the comments!

Maybe you’re just looking for a publisher to listen to one of your songs.  Maybe you live outside of Nashville and have never been able to play your music for a real deal publisher.  Or maybe you’ve had several publisher meetings, but you’re looking to make more contacts in the music biz.  Either way…

I have an opportunity for you.

I’m hosting the next round of Songwriting Pro’s “Play For A Publisher” soon!  We have these awesome events- with legit hit music publishers- every quarter, and the deadline to submit your song is coming up quickly!  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY.

God Bless and Enjoy the Journey,


Brent Baxter is a hit songwriter with cuts by Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, Joe Nichols, Gord Bamford, Ruthie Collins, Ray Stevens, and more. He’s written a top 5 hit in the US and a #1 in Canada… so far.


7 thoughts on “Platinum Wisdom From Music Publishers”

  1. Thank you for this Brent. In my first real publisher meeting I got some of the best advice I’ve ever received in Nashville. I played him several songs that I wrote with other artists or radio in mind and he was unimpressed. So he asked me to play something I would never play for him. He told me to play him a song that I loved, not that I thought he wanted to hear. So I chose a song that I wrote for myself as an artist and he loved it. He loved it so much that it just about brought him to tears. He told me to play that one from now on so that night I did and it was the only song to be picked up by a publisher in that pitch session. It was really refreshing to realize that publishers are not just scary music businessmen. They are lovers of music and they can feel the emotion in your songs. Not all of them are looking for you to play a hit song for them every time you come for a meeting. They really do respect you as an artist and a writer and help you see your full potential.

    1. One song per ticket, but you can purchase more than one ticket. I look forward to hearing your song… or songs!

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