Wordplay Thursday #116

Wordplay Thursday

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Let’s mix it up this week!  Today, I’m going to give you a starting line, and you’re gonna give me the next line, then someone else will fill in the line after that, someone else will jump in with the line after that, then you’ll jump in with another line, etc.

Since it’s more real-time, we’ll actually be playing this over at the Man vs. Row Facebook page at www.facebook.com/manvsrow, where I’ve posted the first line.  Go over there, not here, to add your line.  And feel free to jump in as many times as you want!

And heeeeerrrrrreeee we goooo!

“They should make a whiskey with a woman’s name…”

Now YOU add the next line to my post over at www.facebook.com/manvsrow.com and let’s see where we all take this thing!


Wordplay Thursday

Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

And thanks to Donna King, Nick S., Linda Keser, Ken Matthiessen, Barney Coulter, Eric Tingstad, Carol Katterjohn, Joe Slyzelia and everyone else for your great additions to Wordplay Thursday #115 (read it here)! Great job!

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God Bless,


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9 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #116”

  1. Lmao. This week wordplay is great!
    They should make a whiskey with a woman’s name…
    But for what it’s worth, aint no bottle bottom’s up like a dame.
    And for all the moonshine deep in the woods of came….
    We played down in the tall grass to do our fun, no shame.
    You are my tender bar that your heart is shining my fame….
    Cain’t nobody place your name upon mash, cuz you’re my champagne!

  2. & when you’ve done that bottle in…it should say, ” I’ve been seduced…& I’ve bitten…by the ” Black Widow…”

    1. Black Widow Whiskey.
      Wooooweeee….Patent that rye and Trademark that name, sugar. Cuz a cowboy’s got to be warned: “Drink at your own risk!”

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