Wordplay Thursday #89

Wordplay Thursday

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

I think a huge part of effective writing, songwriting or otherwise, is wrapping intangible ideas or emotions in imagery.  I want you to wrap today’s topic in sensory images.  Use any or all of the five senses.  How does this idea LOOK, SOUND, SMELL, TASTE, and FEEL?

Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want. The point is to get the creative juices flowing. And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you. Try coming up with at least five things.

Today’s topic is:


I’ll give you an example to get you started:

“He stared through his unfamiliar reflection in the front window with glassy eyes, whiskey breath, a three-day old beard, and the same clothes he wore home from the funeral.”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!

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16 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #89”

  1. She is broken and her spirits on the floor
    She’s been pushed around
    Can’t take it anymore
    Like a phoenix, she will rise to fly again
    Light the fire in her life
    And play to win

  2. Her glossy eyes longed out into space as she listened to the sound of her own voice talking to her husband.

    The sting in his eyes continued as he looked down at his yellowed finger tips through a smoky haze while his chest burned from whiskey and his mind whispered this is all you are.

    His nose down towards the ground as fresh spring smells filled his head yet he lay there heart racing at every sound his eyes frowning as he waited, not even the bacon that still covered his tongue enough to move him, until his owner arrived home from work.

  3. Tears have been my portion,
    Feeding me night and day,
    They keep saying, “Where is your God?”
    Then their words melt away.

    Sighs have kept me breathing,
    Filling my lungs with fear,
    As they whisper, “Where is your God?”
    Yes, why is He not here?

  4. 1. As the devil whispered in his ear, “loser, get a life”, the Word that was written on his heart said “child, your life is hidden in Christ”.

    2. Lift up your head and dry your tears
    Turn your eyes to heaven and cast your fears
    To the one who created everything
    To the one who can make these rocks to sing
    To the one who gives us life, be unending praise
    Unto the Ancient of Days
    (lyric from my original song “Lifter of my Head”)

    3. I’m on the outside looking in
    Waiting for life to begin
    I’m at the start and at the end
    Goodbye to you fair weather friend
    (lyric from my original song “Fair weather friend”)

  5. Hypnotized by her sky blue eyes and angelic voice
    I smelled honeysuckle in the air
    As I kissed lips sweet and moist

  6. Drowning in a sea of darkness
    Desperately searching for the light
    Can’t keep my soul from sinking
    Slowly lose the will to fight

  7. ‘Ole black powder, burn on true.
    Give me the blast I need; the power to push on through.
    Here at this table, I sit with you
    If things look better in black, then what’s with all this blue?

    ‘Ole black label, call me a fool.
    Bring on the good times that I need, ’cause the memories ain’t so cool.
    Here at this table, I sit with you
    If things look better in black, then what’s with all this blue?

    ‘Ole black bible, thank God for you
    Give me the strength that I need; the words my soul pursues.
    Here at the table, I sit with you
    If things look better in black, then what’s with all this blue?

  8. How it goes
    Pictures of past, and memories close
    Laughs ring out and chill my bones
    I close my mouth, ’cause it’s bitter, ya’ know.

    And it was fun
    Living like kings, on minimal funds
    The longest days, under the hottest sun
    Spoon it up, while hungry and young

    Once our best
    Skin cracks now; wrinkles rest
    The bed feels good but I can’t rest
    I taste the age of my old breath

  9. Depression. The buzz of fluorescent lights, occasionally flickering in the white room. The faint smell of bleach still lingers. The chalky mucus medicine still slowly oozing down the esophagus. Was it pink or mauve today, and what day is it? Timers artificially adjust the light and temperature, and in between dosages another test is administered by latex gloves and shiny stainless steel tools.

  10. The young woman sat sobbing, head in hand alone in her cell on this, her last morning to be alive, deep in conversation with anyone inside her that would listen to her side of the story, all the while fending off sorrow and guilt with a deep sadness still smoldering from the reality of actions never registered in her memory, known to her only by the accusations of others.

  11. Depression:

    Lost in distant thought, she could not mask her flat affect and furrowed brow…lack of appetite for life and dining out…Removed from the world, she cried then sighed, mumbling and in need of help…Afraid and abandoned like a stranger looking in …she’d been left alone to fend for herself … Squinting, as if peering through a dense, thick fog… She was working hard to lift heavy dark clouds.

  12. One day I was wondering … where does this mess all go…?
    I mean… how can I live a meaningful life…? When I know I must go,
    but how do I go/when I know not the way/when I know that I live…
    Only to die… One day someday…?
    I’m here for the first time… please… Give it to me now
    For tomorrow is empty/until you fill it full/Let me live my today/let me drink it all up…
    Savor the sip… mmmmmmmmm Right here and now…
    Let me know you Let me know you Now
    What can I say/Today I do live/But I wait for the day to come…
    when you let me die…
    One day the time is gonna be here when you let me go…
    I come to see you… to finally know you… I wanna be with you…
    Oh let me know you…. Now…

  13. I’ve been layin’ / in my bed all week / I feel so tired / but I just can’t sleep / lonliness met with swift indecision / make friends with the heartache / in beautiful / depression / A leak in the sink / drums in pitiful half-time / the water runs / like tears I’ve been cryin’ / the tap is on / but my mind’s in remission / hiding itself from / this beautiful / depression

    A little so-so on the imagery, but I’ll try again next week 😉

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