Condense Your Lyric To Finish Your Song

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Are there places in your lyric where it feels like it loses energy or interest? Maybe you’re using too much space to say something that should be said in fewer lines or words.

This often happens when a writer “chases rhymes.” For example, the second line of the verse ends in “tailgate” and you spend all of lines three and four just to get to the rhyme “jailbait” without really saying anything.

The thought behind the line is more important than the rhyme at the end of the line.

Step back and take a look at your lyric. Are there places where you waste space by chasing rhymes? If so, scrap those lines and start over. Keep the rhyme if you want, but ONLY if you can rewrite the lines to say something that will keep the listener engaged.

Don’t let a cool rhyme ruin a cool song.

Or maybe you’re not chasing rhymes, but you’re just not using good economy of words. Maybe you’re just beating around the bush, not getting to what you really want to say. Say what needs to be said and then move on to something else that needs to be said. Look for fluff words that don’t add any real meaning to your song. Look for fluff ideas you can cut.

Is it relevant that you’re driving your brother’s truck on your date because yours is in the shop? If it’s just a little detail that was maybe true in your life or some interesting piece of backstory but isn’t important to the heart of the song, cut it. Make room for more lyrics that point right at the heart of your song.

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Finish 5

4 thoughts on “Condense Your Lyric To Finish Your Song”

  1. Great advice. Less is more when it comes to lyrics. Your job is to paint a vivid picture that grabs attention and moves listeners in as few lyrics as possible.

  2. Brent,

    I am always looking for good co-writers. I would like to send you a link to listen to a past demo if you would be acceptable to considering it. Thanks.

    Best, Marvin

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