Dreams Without Goals Are Just Wishes

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Brent Baxter is a hit songwriter with cuts by Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, Joe Nichols, Gord Bamford, Ruthie Collins, Ray Stevens, and more. He’s written a top 5 hit in the US and a #1 in Canada… so far.

Do you have songwriting goals, or just a songwriting dream?

Your answer matters because goals call us to action while dreams call us to wait. Just look at the language, and we’ll talk about each.

“My dream came true.”

“I reached my goal.”

We use words like “reached, “achieved” or “met” in association with goals. These are action words, meaning we DID something to achieve our goal.

Dreams “come true” as if it is something that happens TO you instead of something that YOU do.

You have a much better chance of successfully reaching a goal than you do of having a dream come true.


Because goals are measurable and have a deadline. You know if you’ve reached a goal by the time the deadline has passed. If a goal is vague or has no deadline, it’s just a dream, and you can spend the rest of your life dreaming about “someday.”

Dreams are great. I can’t imagine living without having dreams. I’m a dreamer. But dreams without goals?

Those are just wishes.
God Bless,



I just wanted to let you know that I have a couple new cuts being released on this week!  Anthony Orio (3-time reigning “Nashville’s Best Local Band” winner) has just released his debut single to Sirius XM “The Highway” and iTunes.  It’s called “Those Nights These Days,” and I wrote it with him and Matt Cline.  And tomorrow, Curb artist, Ruthie Collins will release her debut EP on iTunes.  It features a song I wrote with her and Jessica Roadcap called, “Vintage.”

Click to check out Anthony Orio

Click to check out Ruthie Collins


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5 thoughts on “Dreams Without Goals Are Just Wishes”

  1. Hi Brent-

    Wise words as always.

    Mr. Orio is incredibly talented…and I think I’ve heard that excellent song from a 2012 YouTube post…unless I am mistaken.

    Happy Holidays!
    Mark L.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m fed up listening to my friends saying that they want to make it but don’t know what they mean by making it. More tangible goals please!

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