Your Chorus Is Your Punchline

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In certain ways, writing songs is like writing jokes.

You start with your setup, or your verse. You tell a story which draw your listeners in. Then you hit them with your punchline, or your chorus. That’s your big emotional highpoint of the joke / song.

But here’s the difference…

When we write songs, we don’t hit the punchline and then move on to the next joke. With songwriting, we have to write a 2nd verse that leads right back into the same punchline- and we have to write it so well that it’s an even MORE powerful emotional moment- then maybe we write a bridge and do it again!

That’s hard.

And it’s no laughing matter.

God Bless,


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2 thoughts on “Your Chorus Is Your Punchline”

  1. Spot on right.

    And of course: as long as the chorus (punchline) doesn’t try to knock me out with volume only…and zero melodic or lyrical power. There are a few tunes that double (or more) the volume…and get a channel change from me.

    Good post and thoughts as usual. Have Fun!

  2. Hmm, i am not sure on this….i know my bridges are an oblique way to look at the story from a different perspective than the verse of chorus…so let’s think this thru…

    the verse is the story line….so i guess the chorus is the emotional center and heart of the song…yea, that makes sense, whatcha think?

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