Are You Writing Your Song From The Best Point Of View?

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Sometimes we hit a roadblock with our song because we’re writing from the wrong point of view.

Let’s say you’re writing about domestic abuse. (I know, I know. It’s an uplifting topic, but bear with me.) Consider all the characters your singer could be:

The abusive husband.
The abused wife.
The child who is a witness / victim.
The neighbor who overhears them.
The police officer called to the scene.

And these are only some of the PEOPLE who could tell the story. If you get a little further out there, your singer could even be:

The wedding ring.
The family dog.
The hole he punched in the wall.
The bathroom mirror where she puts on makeup to cover the bruises.
The angel who comforts the child hiding under the bed.
God, watching the whole thing.

Or your singer could simply act as a reporter who says, “he did this, she did that,” and isn’t involved in the story as a character.

The options are pretty limitless. And each point of view will bring a different energy to your song. Feel free to experiment with the point of view in your song- you might just find something amazing.

What about you?  What is the most interesting point of view you’ve used in one of your songs?  I’d love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “Are You Writing Your Song From The Best Point Of View?”

  1. I experiment a lot with using second person “you” in songs you wouldn’t normally expect.

    I wrote a song called “They Raise You Tough In This Town” where I paint the person listening to the song as the person who’s tough.
    “Sun burns right through, red mud cakes YOUR new work boots…etc”

  2. Brent,
    I enjoyed the Willpower class.
    I have a song I wrote called “Across The Hands of Time” that I wrote kind of from the perspective of an old watch that belonged to my dad, and all it must have seen as he lived and died. I am interpreting what the watch must have seen.
    Thanks agaun,

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