Wordplay Thursday #62 “Skunk On A Plane”

Wordplay Thursday

Welcome to Wordplay Thursday!

Let’s mix things up a little this week.  Growing up, I was a fan of Weird Al Yankovic (heck, I guess I’m still a fan, really).  As a word guy, I loved writing parodies of songs.  It was great creative training, though I didn’t know that then.  It gave me practice writing words that fit a certain phrasing and melody, and I got to make up funny stories.  Good times.

So here’s today’s writing prompt.  Let’s write a parody.  Or at least a few lines.  Don’t feel like you have to do the whole song.  Just do whatever you have the time or inclination for.  It’s just a fun creative exercise.

Today, let’s write a parody of:

“Drunk On A Plane” by Dierks Bentley

You can write about anything, but here’s a suggestion:

“Skunk On A Plane”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!


Thanks to tri4balance, Bill Soprano, Nila, Roger Vines, Jim King, Barney Coulter, Robert Sans, Matt Martoccio, Dana Russell, Todd Storinge, Janet Goodman, Michael Flanigan, James Mitchell, Debbie Convoy, Lance Sims, Julie, and theresavesnesky for your great additions to Wordplay Thursday #61 (read it here)! Great job!


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12 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #62 “Skunk On A Plane””

  1. Funk On A Plane
    Lordy Lordy what’s that smell
    Can’t see it so I really can’t tell
    Musta been somethin somebody ate
    Mak’n my nose discombobulated
    Next time gonna take a train
    No where to run, no where to hide
    From this funk on a plane

  2. I can’t believe my daughters going on a first date
    He’s probably going to be as smart as an egg crate
    Here he is walking up to the door…
    A punk with no brain

    I bet his dad is a left-winger
    And mom sits at home watchin Jerry Springer
    I think this is there last date…
    He’s a punk with no brain

  3. Spraying stink at everybody
    Oh my god he’s so stinky
    Got this 737 smelling like compost
    Stewardess is gaggin’ like crazy
    Leanin’ spittin’ puke looks sickly
    Told her about my V8 juice
    Got a little mile-high tomato bathin’
    It’s pepe le pew up in the clouds
    I smell so bad, I won’t ever smell right
    My nose it hurts, I’m in so much pain
    You all know why I’ve got a skunk on my plane

  4. Title: I Got A Drunk On My Brain (written from a wife’s perspective)

    Another car goes by but no headlights in the driveway
    I know its closing time at Bertoni’s by the freeway
    I wish I didn’t care but that man is driving me insane
    I got a drunk on my brain

    A little after two he comes stumbling in the bedroom
    Shucking off his clothes and tripping on his own shoes
    I try to get some sleep but it’s always the same old thang
    I got a drunk on my brain

  5. I wasn’t familiar with the Dierks Bentley song so I just came up with this original song lyric.

    It was all elbows and knee bones
    As terrified passengers fled
    With hands clamped firmly to noses
    And eyes all watery and red

    They prayed for fresh air in terror
    Some thought they would go insane
    No escape from the four legged horror
    They were trapped by the skunk on a plane

    Skunk on a plane, skunk on a plane
    Oh what a revolting plight
    Skunk on a plane, skunk on a plane
    Lord, please get me off of this flight

  6. Tanked in a terminal

    5:45 was when I arrived and now I’m waving goodbye to 8
    Watching connecting flights and passengers fight with this poor lady at the gate.
    They’re yelling what the Hell, I’m still at ATL, and will we ever get on this plane.
    I’m just sitting back sipping my coke and jack thinking man this worlds insane.

    Cause I’m tanked in a terminal this great fish tank full of life
    Flying high and dry, just killing time, till I’m back with the kids and wife.
    Yes I’m tanked in a terminal; everybody’s going up the wall
    But this layover has got me laying nice, thanks to Alcohol

    I made my way passed the Chick-fil-a and grabbed a stool at the Sam Adams bar
    Listened to a guy who was about to cry because a storm just hit Dallas/Fort Worth
    He said he missed a meeting, and they changed his seating, and you can kiss my ass Southwest
    I said sorry to hear let me buy you a beer and ordered up a couple Octoberfest’s.

    Cause I’m tanked in a terminal this great fish tank full of life
    Flying high and dry, just killing time, till I’m back with the kids and wife.
    Yes I’m tanked in a terminal; everybody’s going up the wall
    But this layover has got me laying nice, thanks to Alcohol

  7. I took two weeks vacation down to Nashville
    Leavin’ hung-over cause that how I want to go out
    Now I’m boarding and there’s this funk, I don’t know what’s to blame
    but it smells like a skunk on a plane

    At first I thought it might just bit a little marijuana
    We’re leavin’ BNA & those musicians, yeah, they’re gonna
    but there’s a tail poking out the compartment above seat 7A
    Oh man! It’s a skunk on a plane!

    Sprayin’, scarin’ everybody
    Save the pilot! It’s not funny!
    Got this 737 smellin’ like a 4-2-O
    Stewardess is goin’ crazy
    O-2 mask but she’s still faintin’
    Man says lock it in the bathroom
    “Quick somebody! Get a broom!”
    It’s Skunk Dynasty up in the clouds
    The smell’s so bad, it may never come out
    We’ll try anything just to keep it tame
    It’s way worse than snakes, it’s skunk on a plane

  8. Thunder and lighting
    Right at closing time
    Stumbling into the street
    Walking a crooked line..
    Dreading the morning’s light
    Pounding in my brain
    Here I am alone again
    A drunk out in the rain…

  9. Skunk On The Plane

    Took two weeks vacation but couldn’t get a sitter
    Packed a little carry-on to carry on my critter
    Now he fits snug as a bug under seat 7A
    I snuck my skunk on the plane

    Held my breath through x-ray and got through undetected
    They’re good a catching guns and knives but never did suspect us
    Back home friends just won’t believe what happened today
    I snuck my skunk on the plane

    At 30,000 feet and rising
    This old skunk is finally flying
    Hope the pilot keeps her steady, skunks hate turbulence
    But if the plane starts getting stinky
    I’ll buy the flight three rounds of whiskey
    Maybe if they’re drunk they won’t notice much
    Our stewardess is serving snacks
    Salted nuts in an itty bitty bag
    If she gives me ten more I’ll never say
    Hey babe, I snuck my skunk on the plane

  10. Feelin bored so I bought some white chalk
    Then I drew my outline there on the sidewalk
    Hid in some bushes
    Watchin’ as the people came
    Wrote a note to my mom on the refridge
    “Know who you are and the bad thing you did”
    She read it and
    fainted dead away

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