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 If you have the dream of breaking into the music business as a songwriter or singer/songwriter, you’ve probably run into the following problems… or you will…

“I can’t get a PRO (ASCAP, SESAC, BMI) representative to help me. Publishers won’t listen to my songs. I can’t get a second meeting with my PRO or a publisher. Publishers will meet with me, but they won’t set me up with cowrites with their writers. What IS a PRO, anyway? And how can they help me?”

You can spend a lot of time guessing the answers or asking other songwriters who are in the same situation as you. The process of trial-and-error is really frustrating- you’re spending time trying to figure out how to get help from your PRO or a publisher when you’d rather be writing songs or doing something else that feels like you’re actually making progress.

PROs and publishers are an on-ramp to the music business highway, but we often find the on-ramp blocked by orange cones!

The day my PRO rep picked up the phone and called a publisher on my behalf was a big day in my career. He used his credibility and personal relationship with that publisher to open a door for me. It was a door I’d been knocking on but couldn’t open by myself. I ended up signing my first publishing deal with that same company, Major Bob Music.

On Monday, September 22, Man vs. Row presents “Know The Row featuring Chad Green.”

Chad spent 11 years as a Nashville Membership Representative for ASCAP (one of the three PROs – Performing Rights Organizations- in the US). He was responsible for signing numerous hit songwriters and publishers. He also oversaw the educational seminars for the Nashville office and created and implemented the successful ASCAP Writers Series workshops.

Chad was also the ASCAP rep who picked up his phone for me that day.

Chad has also spent years as a publisher. Currently, he is the Senior Creative Director for Daywind Music Publishing, where he oversees the day-to-day management of their staff of award-winning writers and producers focusing on multiple genres including Christian, Country, and Film/TV. Green is also responsible for the re-launch of Daywind’s Vital Records. Prior to his time with Daywind, he served as Creative Director for Word Music Publishing, a Warner/Curb company.

Chad is a real-deal publisher and PRO rep who has a heart to teach songwriters about the music business.

In this intimate, one-hour Google Hangout, Chad Green and hit songwriter Brent Baxter (“Monday Morning Church” by Alan Jackson) will discuss topics such as:

*How to get PRO and publisher meetings.
*How to get the most from your PRO.
*What makes a songwriter stand out to a PRO or publisher.
*The dos and don’ts of PRO and publisher meetings.
*and more…

But more than just being a fly on the wall, you’re invited to join in the conversation. Ask YOUR most burning questions to two industry professionals.

There are only a couple spots still open for this exclusive one-hour event, which will be from 8pm to 9pm Central on Monday, September 22, 2014. Find out more and reserve your spot NOW at:

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