21 thoughts on “Welcome, Ruby Jean!”

  1. Hey! Congratulations Pop!

    The world needs more girls.  They don’t screw things up half as much as us guys do.

    My best to you and your ever growing family,

    Ed. Williams


  2. God Bless <3 Congratulations on your new addition!! Love, health and happiness to the entire Baxter Family!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us Brent =)

  3. Congratulations and a hardy “woo pig sooie!” from the land of the Hog, Brent!! She’s a beaut, Clark! 🙂 Seriously… blessings to you, Brent. So happy for you guys.

  4. She’s as sweet as _____________.
    She’s as sweet as she is pink.
    She’s as sweet as the love that surrounds her.


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