Wordplay Thursday #29


Here’s a writing prompt for you. It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank. You can use one word or several. Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want. The point is to get the creative juices flowing. And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you. Try coming up with at least five things.

“He sings like _______.”

I’ll give you an example to get you started:

“He sings like Pavarotti… choking on a chicken nugget.”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments. Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating. It’s a family show, after all!


Thanks to everyone for your great additions to Wordplay Thursday #28 (read it here)! Great job!


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11 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #29”

  1. He sings like an informant…
    He sings like the Canary Islands..
    He sings like an American Idol turn down…
    He sings like he wants more supper…
    He sings like there is no tomorrow…
    He sings like he swallowed a Canary…

  2. He sings like:

    – a cat that just had its tail stepped on
    – Joe Cocker with a cold
    – a Barry White impersonation of Kermit the Frog
    – Carrie Underwood with a beard
    – a bad church offertory
    – karaoke is a paid gig
    – a lounge singer with no lounge
    – my granny with her teeth out

  3. He sings like a choir boy but kisses like Cassanova.
    He sings like Sinatra and his wife looks just like Ava.
    He sings like it’s his last day, he won’t go out without a song.
    He sings like his heart is breaking.
    He sings like the earth has opened up and let out some ancient sigh.

  4. He sings like his heart never healed
    He sings like it’s always raining
    He sings like a lounge singer in the forties
    He sings like he never left home
    He sings like it’s first day of his life

  5. “He sings like momma sings a lullaby”

    “He sings like early morning rising sun”

    “He sings like he’s cruising with the windows down”

    “He sings like the squealing breaks in a 10 car pile up”

    “He sings like a robin dancing on a twig”

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