The Humane Society And Songwriting


Brent is a hit songwriter with cuts by Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Lady Antebellum, Joe Nichols, Gord Bamford, Ray Stevens, and more.  He’s written a top 5 hit in the US and a #1 in Canada… so far.

Have you seen those Humane Society commercials about pet adoption?  You know- the ones with Sarah McLachlan singing “Angel?”  Those are sure hard to watch- just heartbreaking.  And you know why?  It’s the PICTURES.

If those commercials only had the music and somebody TELLING you ABOUT sad, neglected animals, they wouldn’t have nearly the same impact.  Telling us about abused animals transmits information to our brains.  But SHOWING us abused animals transmits information to our hearts.

And that is why we should put pictures in the lyrics of our songs.

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One thought on “The Humane Society And Songwriting”

  1. I hate those commercials.  I have to flip the channel when they come on.  They just make me want to adopt every homeless animal out there.  I’m a sucker for stray dogs and cats.  But you make a good point.

    Ed. Williams


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