Busy Is Lazy


Too many times, our busy-ness is really just laziness.  We keep ourselves busy with organizing our writing room, checking email, or checking out an artist’s new record.  And none of these are bad things- but neither are they usually the BEST thing.

Too many times, these activities are just a way to avoid the important things.  And why do we avoid the important things?  Usually, it’s because they’re difficult, unpleasant, or scary.

Staring at a blank page is hard.  Staring at a full email inbox is easy, and we fool ourselves into thinking we’re being productive.  But we aren’t.  We’re just scared and lazy.  Or sometimes it’s easier to work on a song than to make those uncertain phone calls that might land that big cowrite.

So put on your big-boy or big-girl pants and do what you know is the important thing- not the lazy thing.

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Here’s a great book on trading busy for simple and effective.  I’ve read it multiple times, and I recommend it.



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  1. Brent – great news…the wordpress gods finally allowed me a place on your subscribers list! Nice to “meet” you and really enjoying your blog. Thanks for all effort here to educate and motivate. Best of luck to us all in the New Year!

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