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It’s football season, so I’ve been going through the highs and lows of my Arkansas Razorbacks and Arkansas State Red Wolves.  I have football on the brain.  I love football (and I have the surgical scars on my knee to prove it).  Anyway, it hit me the other day that we’re all walk-on players.  (Walk-on players are on the team, but NOT on scholarship.)  If walk-on proves his worth on the practice field, he will be given an opportunity to see playing time during a game.  If he does well, he may receive a coveted scholarship the next season.

Likewise, we come to Music City as walk-ons.  We’re not on scholarship- nobody is paying us to play.  We hit the practice field- we write and play out.  If we prove our worth , we see some action “in the game” – our song gets pitched to an artist, we write with a pro writer, we get some indie cuts, etc.  If we prove our worth in the game, we might receive a scholarship- a publishing deal, a major cut, etc.

Good luck.  Play hard.  And, most of all, enjoy the game!

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4 thoughts on “Walk-on Songwriters”

  1. And like a player we can be taken out of the game by injury. One bad injury to a finger and playing the guitar can become almost impossible. A cold or sore throat can shut down the vocal chords. I guess the bottom line is write and play while you can and don’t take anything for granted.

  2. Just like in football, the person ahead of you on the depth chart won’t always seem better than you, but it’s ultimately your responsibility to pay your dues and improve YOUR game instead of bashing the game of those ahead of you. Also, even the best athletes in the world still have coaches that they trust and listen to…. so should songwriters.

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