6 Ways Songwriters Can Keep Motivated


Whether you are a amateur songwriter hoping to “go pro” or you are a young pro trying to break through to the next level, a key element of success is simply to keep going.  And it isn’t easy to keep going.  For every person pulling a U-Haul into Nashville, there’s someone moving back home because they just don’t have the heart anymore.  So, how do you give yourself the best chance to keep going?  Here are a few ways.

1. Connect with your “why.”

If you don’t have a clear understanding of why you write, it’s really hard to answer the dark-valley question, “Why should I keep trying?”  To dive into this a little further, click here to read, “5 REASONS SONGWRITERS NEED TO KNOW WHY THEY WRITE.”

2. Celebrate the small victories.

Don’t ignore or downplay the small victories- especially early in your journey.  Be grateful.  Let the little victories give you confidence and fuel for the journey.

3. Connect with a supportive community.

We all need people who encourage, support, and believe in us.  They can be online or face-to-face, family or friends, cowriters or non-songwriting creatives.  It doesn’t matter who they are, just that they will support you.  And be sure and support them, too!

4. Display visual reminders.

Remind yourself that you’re a songwriter.  Remind yourself of your dreams and goals.  Remind yourself of your victories.  Create a vision board.  Keep your guitar where it’s handy, not hidden in a closet.

5. Pace yourself.

This is a marathon, not a sprint.  Be persistent, but be patient.  You have to find a family/money/music balance that is sustainable over the course of years, not months.  It might mean you can’t quit your day job just yet.  Maybe you can only write one night a week for now.  Sure, we all want instant gratification, but patience pays off.

6. Protect a positive attitude.

To stay in it for the long haul, you have to believe success is possible, and a lot of belief simply comes from your mindset.  Always seeing the glass as half-empty will cause your dreams to die of thirst.  Watch what comes out of your mouth.  Not only does what you say reflect what’s in your heart, it reinforces it.  Practice speaking positively- strengthen that part of yourself.

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What did I miss?  Anything you’d like to add or ask?  What qualities are important to YOU in a mentor?  Leave a comment!


I’m blessed to have the #2 country song in Canada this week (Nov. 13, 2013)!  Gord Bamford released “When Your Lips Are So Close” as the lead-off single to his new album, “Country Junkie.”  It’s Gord’s highest-charting song so far, and mine, too.  (“Monday Morning Church” recorded by Alan Jackson got as high as #4 here in the US.)  Thank you Gord and Byron Hill for inviting me in to write with ya’ll!



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14 thoughts on “6 Ways Songwriters Can Keep Motivated”

  1. I really appreciate your comments and would like to mention them in my songwriting workshops … I would credit you of course. I have been a full time songwriter/singer in Australia since 1979 … winning Awards, getting songs cut, charting songs and scratching a living. I have been living these comments for 40 years … I just prefer the way you put it … thanks caswell

  2. …you know how i feel but will say it again…”Music is the motivation”…for me anyway. I have to pace myself or i would only write as long as the music is playing 24/7…~d

  3. Do you ever re-write songs in your head when the radio is on …. I may know the words but i sing my own story when driving and listening to radio . Keeps me on my toes when writing later on ~

  4. Hi..I know U from twitter..really glad to be here.. ^^
    I’m new as singer-songwriter and lyricist, starting in September 2014.
    So, I need a lot of info and advice from other..
    I cannot play any instrument or having a great tools for recording..(just my handphone for recording now)
    But, I believe that music can be a healing tool. And through music, we can share our mind, soul, and feeling..That’s why I want to learn it more..
    It’s really great having a lot of friends from around the world with the same passion in music. That’s my 1st thing that I got now..and I’m thankful for it..

    I’ve never had a mentor before.
    I decide that You are my mentor now for becoming an inspirational singer-songwriter..Your posting will be my guidance ^^

    Hope you check my raw demo songs here..I wish I have a blog or wordpress too

    Keep it up..hope for the success..I believe your info can give a big influence for other ^^

    Thank You

    1. Welcome to MvR! I’m glad you’ve found some helpful information here! If you haven’t already, be sure and subscribe to this blog so every post comes directly to your email. Good luck with your songwriting- enjoy the journey!

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