Wordplay Thursday #16


Here’s a writing prompt for you.  It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank.  You can use one word or several.  Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want.  The point is to get the creative juices flowing.  And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you.  Try coming up with at least five things.

“I need ______ like ________ needs _______.”

I’ll give you one example to get you started:

“I need a new job like a brat needs a spanking.”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments.  Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating.  It’s a family show, after all!


Thanks to Andrew Clayton, Derek Nyberg, Tommy, Samary, James Fate, nymatt, Paul Alvin Harris, ajarnderek, Wally Henderson, Andrew Cavanagh, Johnny Guest, and Willa Thompson for their great additions to Wordplay Thursday #15 (read it here)!  Great job!


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8 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #16”

  1. I need forgiveness like my truck needs gas.

    I need a new girlfriend like my guitar needs a tuning.

    I need a haircut like the fields need mowing

    I need love like a lyric needs a melody

    I need you like a man needs an adventure.

    I need to chase dreams like the devil needs grace

  2. I need freedom like planets need gravity.
    I need laughter like music needs the notes.
    I need challenge like the lungs need the air.
    I need hugs like the sky needs the clouds.
    I need music like the plants need its roots.

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