Why Won’t A Pro Songwriter Write With Me?


The question you might want to ask yourself is, “Why SHOULD a pro write with me?”  Remember, you are asking for at least half a day with a writer who has limited time and who is trying to keep a gig in one of the most competitive industries on the planet.  Every day he says “yes” to one person is a day he says “no” to everyone else.  “No” to his close friend (and they’ve written cuts together).  “No” to that artist who is working on her debut album.  “No” to that person THE PRO been trying to “write up” with.  And the pro also has to wonder, “Is this just a one-time write, or will this person be a new semi-regular that I need to fit into my schedule?”  This is not to say that pros never write with non-pros – they sometimes do.  Part of your job is to position yourself to be one of those people.  And we’ll talk more about that in future posts.  Good luck!

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