Debt Is A Dream-Killer


Beware of debt- it’s a dream-killer.  Financial debt limits your options- it raises the bar on what you have to earn to make ends meet.  How free are you to transition from your day job to the roller coaster creative life if you have to pay on your house, car, student loan, credit cards, etc. every month?  How supportive will your spouse be?  How much money can you put back for the transition if you’re in those kinds of chains?

Say “no” to the 98-inch holographic flatscreen tv, and say “yes” to your dreams.

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3 thoughts on “Debt Is A Dream-Killer”

  1. Truer words were never spoken
    when that bank account’s been broken
    That black cloud over dreams is debt
    not quite free and paying yet
    I would love to walk away
    but I trudge trough the work-a-day
    The latest widgets an new guitars
    not one of them makes me a star
    Servicing debt, no practice time
    sad but true I committed this crime
    It’s what I did, I did this to me
    and way too late I see
    Much too late I see
    (C)2013 Terry Becks Banbury Row Music BMI

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