7 Qualities To Look For In A Songwriting Mentor

Let me set your suspicious mind at ease.  This is NOT a “hire Brent” blog.  I’m really not doing mentoring right now.  It comes out of family time, and that’s where I’m focused.  That, and on my own writing.  Just wanted you to know.  Now, on to the good stuff…

I’ve you’ve been following Man vs. Row, you know I’ve been posting a lot on the topic of mentoring.  If you’re new, a good place to start catching up is “11 Tips To Maximize A Songwriter Mentoring Session.”  I’d be doing you a disservice if I did all this talking about mentoring and left out one of the most important parts of it- finding the right mentor.  So here are seven qualities to look for in a potential mentor.

1. Credibility.

Does this person have relevant real-world experience?  Not every great football coach was a great player, but I want my coaches to have spent a good amount of time in and around the game I want to learn.

2. Recommendations.

Look for recommendations and reviews of the mentor from friends and from online sources.  Are they associated with credible songwriting associations or schools?  Do your homework.

3. Goal-compatibility.

A mentor that specializes in country lyrics will be of limited value if your goal is to write hit rap songs.  Make sure you get a mentor that understands and respects your goals and can help you get closer to achieving them.

4. Style of mentoring.

Some mentors are a kick in the pants, and some are a hug around the neck.  Know what gets the best results with YOU, and choose a mentor accordingly.

5. Relevance.

If you want to write the hits of the future, it’s best if your mentor isn’t stuck in the past.  It’s not a question of age, it’s a question of whether or not your mentor has kept current.

6. Attitude.

Does the mentor seem to enjoy the mentoring process?  There are several pro writers that have taken up mentoring to pay the bills, but not all of them have the heart of a teacher.  Try to find the ones that do.

7. Pricing.

Not all mentors are priced the same – nor are they all of the same quality.  Shop around.  Make sure you’re spending your money wisely.

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What did I miss?  Anything you’d like to add or ask?  What qualities are important to YOU in a mentor?  Leave a comment!


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  1. Question. If you only have written lyrics is a mentor the right path or should you first try to partner with a composer to make your lyrics an actual song first? Or should you learn an instrument and take it from there?

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