The Necessary And The Difficult


The music business is a tough, tough business, and the path to success travels through setbacks, failure, and doubt.  The journey requires you to have patience, and it requires you to do difficult, challenging things.  I don’t know of any hacks or tricks which avoid hard work.

However, it is important to remember that not all difficult things are necessary, and not all necessary things are difficult.  To maximize your efforts, you want to avoid the unnecessary and do the necessary, whether difficult or not.  Doing the easy, unnecessary thing is sometimes inefficient, sometimes just lazy.  Doing the unnecessary, difficult thing is sometimes inexperience, and sometimes just self-sabatoge.  Try to spend the vast majority of your time on only the necessary things.  Wisdom, experience, and the advice of the wise and experienced is vital to knowing which things those are.  Good luck and God bless!



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