Wordplay Thursday #10


Here’s a writing prompt for you.  It’s a simple fill-in-the-blank.  You can use one word or several.  Feel free to get as crazy, genre-appropriate, or as imaginative as you want.  The point is to get the creative juices flowing.  And it’s a good thing to dig deeper, so don’t stop at the first idea that hits you.  Try coming up with at least five things.

“Grandmas are  _____________________.”

I’ll give you one example to get you started:

“Grandmas are  homegrown tomato sandwiches.”

I’d love to hear what you come up with, so please share in the comments.  Oh, and please keep your posts below an R-rating.  It’s a family show, after all!



Thanks to Jessica Stewart and Phil Grigg for their great additions to Wordplay Thursday #9 (read it here)!  Great job!


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8 thoughts on “Wordplay Thursday #10”

  1. – the sound of two knitting needles clicking together
    – windchimes hanging over the doorway
    – homemade blackberry cobbler
    – soft and warm and fuzzy, with a cigarette hanging off her lip
    – salty and sweet, allowed to curse you out because of their old age, forgetful enough to have the same conversation with you 5 times in one hour, but they always remember they love you

  2. Grandmas are mixtures of wisdom and love
    Angels on earth from heaven above
    Wiser than owls but gentle as doves
    Grandmas are mixtures of wisdom and love

  3. Grandmas are……a lot smarter than your average bear.
    the ones to go to when your parents say NO!
    so much sweeter than the smooth chocolate icing covering that homemade, delicious lemon pie.
    our guardian angels sent from up above.
    known for our blessed Sunday dinner get togethers.
    always considered to be the eighth wonder of the world <3

  4. Grandmas are holdin their grand-daughters hand, teaching them the lay of the land, holding tight when the surf rushes in, sparkling eyes filled with years, calming down the young one’s fears, that’s what grandmas do.

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