11 Tips To Maximize A Songwriter Mentoring Session, Part 3: After The Session

For the past two weeks, I’ve discussed how songwriters can maximize mentoring sessions.  You can read part one HERE and part two HERE.  Today, let’s talk about how to maximize your mentoring AFTER the session.  And away we go…

Don’t freak out.

Chances are, you’re feeling a little kicked around.  Don’t worry- we’ve all been kicked around.  This is an opportunity to build your getting-back-on-the-horse muscles.  Believe me, you’ll need them over the years to come.  It’s important not to swing too far in either direction- “I’ve arrived” or “I’ll never get there.”  Just because your mentor didn’t do backflips doesn’t mean it’s time to feed your guitar to a woodchipper.  And just because your mentor DID to backflips doesn’t mean it’s time to give your boss the ‘ol Johnny Paycheck.  Just take a deep breath.

Thoughtfully consider the feedback you received.

Put away the voice of pride which says, “they don’t know what they’re talking about- just ignore ‘em.”  Also put away the voice of fear and laziness that doesn’t want to admit you may have a lot of work ahead of you.  Honestly, did the mentor make some valid points?  Maybe you brought in a rodeo song and your mentor told you rodeo songs aren’t in demand right now.  Well, get on iTunes or Billboard and do the research.  It’s not about seeing the world as you want it to be.  See the world as it is.

Seek out additional educated feedback.

Nobody’s opinion is gospel.  Nobody has perfect understanding.  If you disagreed with everything your mentor said, get another opinion.  If you agreed with everything your mentor said, get additional opinions.  If you hear the same point made by two or more pros, really give it a lot of consideration.  But there’s another reason to seek additional opinions- it will help you grow your network and increase the chance that you’ll find your champion.

Don’t quit.

Don’t let one meeting determine the validity of your dreams.  That is a decision for you, your family, and the Good Lord.  Well, it’s actually HIS decision alone, but it sure is a lot easier on everyone if you and your family get on the same page with Him.

Well, there we have it: how to maximize a mentoring session.  I hope this series has been helpful.

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What did I miss?  Anything you’d like to add or ask?  Leave a comment!


4 thoughts on “11 Tips To Maximize A Songwriter Mentoring Session, Part 3: After The Session”

    1. Part of it is just my personality. I’m just kinda even. But I still get up and down. But I have confidence in my abilities (always have, even when I stunk). I try to take a long view. A marathon requires a different mindset than a sprint. I try to be careful what voices I let in. People that challenge you to be your best because they believe in you are good to have around- negative people, pessimistic folks, are an energy drain I can’t afford.

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